Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about our service.

How do I register?

Go to the registration box and enter your Access code (it should have been supplied to you by your provider). If you do not have a Access code and believe you should have access to this service then please get in touch with your provider

I have forgotten my password. Can you help?

If you cannot remember your password then go to the site's login page where you will see a "Forgotten your password?" link. Click this link and you will then be asked for the username of the account and registered email address. Enter these details, and if they match a registered account, an email will be sent to the registered email address with details of a new temporary password. You can then go back to the login page and enter your username and the new password provided. You will then be asked to create a new password.

I have lots of the same type of document, how can I tell which one is which?

If you have more than one of the same type of document saved to your account, it can be difficult to tell at a glance which one is which. To fix this issue, you can "Rename" your document on the "My Documents" page, making it much easier to tell which document is the one you need.

How do I print my document?

Once you have logged into the website, go to the "My Documents" section of the website and open the folder containing the document. All the documents contained within the folder you have opened will be shown on the right. Go to the document you want to print and click on "Download". This will open the document as a PDF or Word file which you can either save or print.

If you do not have a printer at home, try asking a friend or family member to borrow theirs. Alternatively, you could visit a library or office supply store that offers printing facilities and get it printed there.

Either log into the service at their place and print from there, or you can download (save) the document to a memory stick or your device, take that with you and print from there.

I have made some changes to my document by mistake, is there any way to get rid of them?

Yes, you can update the answers in your document at any time by editing the document from the "My Documents" page. From there you can use the progress bar at the top of the screen to move between different groups and change any answers you want.

Do I have to re-enter the same information into every document I create?

If any previous documents have information that can be used in the new document, you can select the "Transfer Data" option under the document to start a new document template and transfer selected data into it. You will also be prompted to transfer data into any new document you create, either from your account information or previously created documents.

I cannot see a 'Transfer Data' option under my document. Where is it?

If there is no "Transfer Data" option available then either there are no suitable existing documents or templates to transfer data to, or there is no useful or suitable transferable data in the document.

How do I share a document?

Go to the document you want to share on the "My Documents" page and click "More" and then "Sharing". Then select "Add Party" to fill in the form with the recipient's details and create a password for them.

Note: this is just for the other party to get access to this one document and should be different from your account password.

You can control the access to the document of the person you are sharing with in various ways:

  • "Expiration date" can be filled to restrict how long someone has access to your document
  • "Hide draft" can be used to hide the preview pane on the right of your document, meaning that the other party can only see the questions rather than the entire document
  • "Enable inline editor" allows the recipient to change the text of the base document directly

Note: if changes are made directly, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the document.

Once these options are set, on the next window you will be prompted to write a message to include to the invited party with the link to the document and password. You can then send an email via our system using 'Click to email details to invitee'.

What is sharing?

Sharing lets you to give a third-party access to your document so that they can view, and (if you allow them), edit it.

Can I see who has access to a document?

If you select the "Sharing" link on the document in question, the window that opens will display everyone with access to the document.

How can I see if someone has changed my document?

In 'My Documents' go to the document you shared and select "History". This will show all changes to the document. If you shared the document with a third party and they have saved any changes, their email address will appear next to the version of the document that they saved. You can see the exact changes they have made by comparing the version they have edited to the previous version.

What does this site do?

This site lets you create a range of legal documents by answering our simple questionnaires. For more information on how we do this, see our "How it works" page.

Can you mail a blank form to me so that I can fill it in?

There is no form for us to mail to you because the online questionnaire records all the information you would put in a blank form while also drafting the document with the correct wording in "real time".

We understand people like to see what they are doing as they go along, so you will see a preview of your document being drafted. You answer questions on the left-hand side of the screen, and the document is drafted on the right, so you can see when you type in an answer how that affects your document.

The system is really easy to use and if you get stuck, there is a customer support team that can help answer any questions you may have. Just visit the "Contact us" page to get in touch.

Note that the support team cannot give legal advice, they provide technical assistance only.

I don't know what document I need; can you help?

There is a 'site search' that will suggest articles and documents based upon some key words you have searched for. This can be found in the menu at the top of the page.

Please note: our Customer Service team cannot advise you on which document to use or any other legal matter.

How can I change my contact details / email?

You can change all of your personal and contact details on the 'My Account' page.

How can I get in touch regarding an issue?

The 'Contact us' page has various contact methods listed that you can use to contact us.

Can I organize My Documents?

Yes, you can create folders on the 'My Documents' page and drag the documents into them to organize them. You can then access all the documents in the folder by selecting it from the navigation table on the left side.

Note: due to device limitations, you won't be able to drag documents on mobile devices but there will be a 'folders' link that you can use instead.

Are there document-specific FAQs?

Many of our documents include detailed 'Guidance notes', that answer many questions that are usually asked about the document. You can access these 'Guidance notes' either from the 'Guidance note' tab when you have the document open, or from a link associated with the document in the 'My Documents' page.

How can I make a legal document on the site?

Making a legal document on our site is easy, just follow the simple steps shown on our "How it Works" page.

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