A new kind of legal service

Watch our explainer video to find out how Personal Risk Protection can help you deal with legal matters and give you peace of mind

Create all your most essential legal documents

Last will and testament

Our high-quality will ensures your wishes are followed and that your family is protected

Healthcare directives

Make your end of life preferences known if you are no longer able to express them

Power of attorney

Give permission to a loved one or trusted advisor to handle your financial affairs


Preserve your estate for your family and ensure your assets are handled correctly

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Easy-to-use technology

Simply choose a service, and answer the questions as they appear

Our smart system will then create a high-quality document that meets your needs

Securely share and store your legal documents

Use our secure workflow to share your documents with someone else (such as a trusted advisor)

Safely store your documents within our system for editing, or download them to print them off and sign them

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"I just wanted to say how great your service was and how easy it was to use. Your explanations made it so easy to understand the "legal-ese" and not get bogged down."

- Dr Paige Brock, South Carolina

"A quick and easy to use service and all done from the comfort of my own home. It took me 20 minutes to complete my will - something I'd put off for years because I didn't think I could find the time."

- Tammi Brierly, Massachusetts

"Excellent. Makes you think about planning ahead for long term care and what arrangements need to be made such as a power of attorney and healthcare directive."

- Robert Sivula, New Hampshire

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About us

Find out who's behind the service and how we're changing the way people get legal help

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